Bring the Harmony Experience to your facility
to provide group 
music therapy services for:

Treatment Centers
Outpatient Programs
Residential Treatment
Recovery Programs
Rehabilitation Centers
Support Groups
Wellness Centers

Services provided for the South Bay, Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding areas.

Music therapy services are available for adolescent and adult programs for mental health treatment, addictions,
eating disorders, trauma recovery, bereavement, cancer treatment/recovery, and community wellness.
Contracts may vary in length of time depending on the facility’s needs and the clients’ goals.
Groups are typically provided weekly for one hour.

For more information or to schedule a consultation or on-site visit, contact Ami Kunimura here.

Ami visits our adolescent residential treatment center weekly, providing creative music therapy to the teens.  Her work style is always warm and engaged, and she is able to make in-roads with the most acutely disturbed teens.  She is able to incorporate youth suggestion and creativity along with her formal therapy, resulting in far better attention and involvement. 

Our teens have made gains in their ability to participate in groups, demonstrate greater self-control, and feel more positively connected to themselves, their music, and each other.  She has a gift for meeting teens where they are at.
Thank you Ami.

Peter Zucker, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Stars Behavioral Health Group


Ami works with our teens that have substance abuse issues and emotional challenges. She is able to establish therapeutic alliances with teens because she is quite attuned to their individual needs. She is the consummate professional who really knows her craft and is able to implement interventions in a non-threatening and seamless manner. There is a genuine aura of spiritual calmness about her that permeates her interactions. Her integrity is above reproach, and she is an inspiration to clients and staff alike. In addition to her excellent professional skills, Ami is one of the most sincere, gracious, likable, compassionate and caring persons I’ve ever met. She is kind and sensitive to the concerns of others while working well either independently or in the team concept. These personal characteristics combined with her professional expertise make Ami an absolute pleasure to have at our center. You won’t meet a nicer person. We’re extremely blessed to have someone of her caliber on our team!
Donnie W. Watson, Ph.D., CCFE, Program Director
Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment
Torrance Memorial Medical Center