Teen & Young Adult  Programs
(Ages 13-30)

Designed for individuals who:

Are struggling with low self-esteem and have an interest in music or creativity
Need support with identity formation or finding their voice
Are introverted, shy, or overly sensitive and need help developing their strengths
Need support in a life change (death, divorce, loss, change of location)
Need support in treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders,
stress management, grief, being bullied, or emotional imbalance
Are seeking a creative approach to personal growth


Sessions are typically scheduled once a week for 45 minutes.
No music experience is necessary to participate.


A custom designed 1:1 6-week music therapy program based on your goals, strengths, challenges, and musical interests. For individuals who would like to focus on specific issues or goals with a short-term treatment plan. Select themes from the complete program, or choose specific areas of focus on such as:

“Finding my voice”    |    Self-Esteem    |    Coping With Change
|    Anxiety    |    Addiction    |    Trauma Recovery
Emotional Balance    
|    Grief/Loss    |    Letting Go    |    Self-Awareness
Eating Disorders  
 |    Relaxation    |    Self-Expression
Identity Formation    
|    Self-Acceptance    |    Wellness Support


For individuals seeking a long-term treatment plan and consistent weekly or bimonthly support.

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